Model: NT935-IR + TIR409

The control unit NT935-IR coupled to the dedicated infrared sensors TIR409 allows the temperature control without physical contact between the sensor and the surface to be measured. This characteristic makes it useful to control the temperature of medium or high voltage windings, where the use of Pt100 is not recommended for the problems of electrical insulation and the security. Unlike general products on the market, the NT935-IR and TIR409 were studied in order to work even in very high electromagnetic fields, thus ensuring reliability and security to the system itself. The compact size make the sensor easy to install on any flat surface, while the laser pointer helps to verify if it has been correctly positioned. The unit is equipped with 3 inputs to control the temperature of the 3 windings and a fourth additional input. Output relays are available for ALARM, TRIP, FAN and FAULT. Upon request the unit is cruus logo tecsystem certified for the American and Canadian markets. UNIVERSAL POWER SUPPLY: with input from 24 to 240 Vac-dc OPTIONS It is available the version with RS485 Modbus output for remote communication: NT935-IR RS485 Modbus Inside